Summer Collection

Taana Baana Summer Sale 2024 Flat 25% & 15% Off With Price

Taana Baana Summer Feast Sale 2024 Flat 25% & 15% Off is all about new classic and trendy bano summer unstitched dress collections in Pakistan. This brand recently launched its Tana Bana lawn Sale unstitched collection vol-1 Bano collection for women. Furthermore, this band is counted in the top clothing brands list in 2024.

After wearing Taana Baana Lawn, khaddar, karandi, linen, and velvet dresses you feel more confident and stylish. All season-end dresses contain unique traditional designs that are perfect for all seasons. The finest fabric quality and cultural art make this brand different from others. So, each dress has a unique piece of art in itself. Let’s explore the exclusive Taana Baana Summer Collection 2024.

Taana Baana Summer Feast Sale 2024 Flat 25% & 15% Off (Shop Online)

Taana Baana brand works in almost all big cities of Pakistan. Mostly many women know this brand as a formal clothing provider. But this brand also deals with casual summer/winter wear outfits. With a new incredible variety of Signature lawn sale collections, 2024 Tana Bana comes into the Pakistani fashion market.

Every woman wants to get a new variety of colors and styles for the winter/summer season. Therefore, Taana Baana offers women’s desired stuff with new colors and designs. Furthermore, the Summer lawn range contains new simple luxury outfits at affordable prices.

Classic summer lawn 3-piece unstitched black suit PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

Lovely peach color embroidered summer 3piece suit PKR:11,900 PKR:9,520 only.

Stylish golden color summer lawn unstitched 3piece suit PKR:10,900 PKR:8,720 only.

Lovely floral embroidered work on blue color lawn 3-piece suit available for PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920.

Magenta color lawn 3piece unstitched suit PKR:8,900 PKR:7,120.

Magenta lawn embroidered unstitched 3-piece suit Rs:9,500 Rs:8,075 only.

Yellow lawn unstitched 3-piece summer suit for women Rs:9,500 Rs:8,075.

Mint green embroidered lawn summer 3piece suit Rs:12,900 Rs:10,965.

Stylish grey color summer lawn unstitched 3piece suit for women Rs:9,900 Rs:8,415.

Green embroidered lawn 3 piece unstitched suit Rs:8,490 Rs: 7,217 only.

Blue summer classic 3-piece unstitched suit for women Rs:9,500 Rs: 8,075.

Let’s get a unique classic summer look this year by wearing this light green color embroidered suit for Rs.9,500 Rs: 8,075.

Ivory color unstitched 3-piece suit Rs:9,500 Rs: 8,075.

Maroon unstitched 3piece suit Rs:9,500 Rs: 8,075.

Rs:12,900 Rs 10,965.

Stylish grey color lawn 3piece summer suit Rs:9,900 Rs: 8,415.

Rs:9,900 Rs: 8,415.

Royal blue color taana baana summer lawn unstitched suit Rs:10,900 Rs: 9,265.

Classic Summer Collection by Taana Baana Brand

Even before the onset of summer, the Pakistani fashion market is buzzing with lawn suits. Over the last several days, we’ve updated the summer collections of almost every famous brand. Furthermore, you must visit the lawn collection of the most famous of these brands Junaid Jamshed, Zellbury, Sapphire, etc.

Therefore, the Taana Baana brand also publishes its new classic summer lawn sale collection in 2024. In this collection, you will be able to buy a new variety of lawn, linen embroidered suits. Hence, select your favorite brand spring-summer lawn to look more stylish and beautiful.

Beautiful lawn pink color unstitched luxury 3piece suit PKR:11,900 PKR:9,520 only.

Hot pink color luxury summer suit sale available for PKR:11,900 PKR:9,520 only.

Black signature unstitched luxury summer suit for women PKR:11,900 PKR:9,520 only.

Let’s get a unique summer look by wearing this deep green lawn 3-piece suit PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

Stylish light pistachio color taana baana unstitched lawn 3piece suit PKR:11,900 PKR:9,520.

This summer gets a unique look by wearing this light purple color suit PKR:11,900 PKR:9,520.

Blue suit PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

Grey color unstitched embroidered lawn 3piece suit PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

Taana Baana unstitched golden color summer festive wear suit PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920.

Beautiful pink color lawn luxury 3-piece unstitched suit PKR:10,900 PKR:8,720 only.

Skin color summer’23 meem Sabb collection unstitched 3piece suit PKR:8,900 PKR:7,120 only.

Let’s get your desired summer look by wearing this luxury grey color un-stitch suit available at sale price PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

Taana Baana Eid Lawn Collection With Prices

Everyone wants to look beautiful and stylish on Eid occasions. But many people can’t fulfill this desire because they think that the price of branded clothes is very high. But they think wrong, Taana Baana brand provides Eid luxury lawn dresses at the lowest price range.

Summer unstitched black color 3piece suit PKR:10,900 PKR:8,720 only.

Grey color beautiful luxury lawn three pieces unstitched suit for ladies wear avaialble for PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

Taana Baana Summer Ivory Color Lawn Suit PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

Summer’23 meem Sabb black color unstitched 3piece suit PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

Lovely peach color 3piece suit embellish with black embroidered work on shirt and dupatta available for PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920.

Charcoal unstitched 3piece suit PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

classic style embroidered black unstitched summer’24 suit PKR:10,900 PKR:8,720 only.

PKR:9,900 PKR:7,920 only.

Luxury red color lawn suit PKR:9,500 PKR:7,600 only.

Trendy skin color classic un-stitch suit PKR:8,000 PKR:6,400 only.

Get a classic summer look with this embroidered black 3-piece suit PKR:8,000 PKR:6,400.

Shocking pink color summer unstitched lawn suit sale PKR:8,000 PKR:6,400.

Stylish lawn green color 3 piece luxury suite PKR:9,900 PKR:8,415 Only.

Red color embroidered 3-Piece Un-stitch Suit Sale PKR:9,900 PKR:8,415 only.

Tana Bana Brands Sale

Without a perfect dress and a nice pair of shoes, you will never get your desired look. A perfect dress defines your personality. Furthermore, jewelry also plays an important role in completing the feminine outlook. Therefore, here we are sharing a new variety of lawn dresses for a perfect summer look.

Taana Baana summer sale royal blue color suit PKR:9,000 PKR:7,650.

Get a new gorgeous summer look with this black suit PKR:9,000 PKR:7,650.

Stylish pink color lawn 3 piece suit for Rupees:6375 Only.

Taana Baana Offical unstitched summer lawn three-piece suit Rupees:7119 Only.

Embroidered Luxury lawn three-piece suit signature series Suit Rupees:9000 Only.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Fabric: Lawn
  • Category: Unstitched 3Piece Suit
  • Price: 9000 Only.

Color: Ivory Skin
Fabric: Lawn
Category: Unstitched Three-Piece Suit
Price: 9,000/-

Color: Black
Fabric: Lawn
Category: 3Pc Unstitched
Price: 9,000 Only.

Color: Pistachio
Fabric: Lawn
Category: Three-Piece Unstitched
Price: 8000/- Only.

Color: Black
Fabric: Lawn Suit
Category: 3 Piece Signature vol-1 Unstitched
Price: 9000 Only.

Color: Blue Grey
Fabric: Lawn
Category: Unstitched Summer’23
Price: 9,000/- Only

Color: Aqua
Fabric: Lawn
Category: Unstitched Signature Series’23
Price: 9000 Only.

Color: Peach
Fabric: Lawn
Category: Un-stitch
Price: 8000/-

Furthermore, A Stylish green color lawn three-piece suit summer classic collection for women. PKR:9000/- Only.

Get look summer look with this yellow color lawn jacquard 3-piece suit PKR:9000 Only.

Taana Baana Classic Series’23 Yellow 3 piece Suit PKR:7500 Only.

Furthermore, another Skin color lawn summer three-piece suit PKR:8000 Only.

Lawn jacquard blue un-stitch suit PKR:9000 Only.

Furthermore, the stylish skin color taana banana suit PKR:8000 Only.

Color: Green
Fabric: Lawn
Category: Un-stitched
Price: 9000



Winter Sale

Taana Baana Winter Sale 50% off 2023 is now available in stores and online websites. Get ready for new arrival winter sale dresses that are now available up to 50% off prices.

Color: Maroon
Fabric: Cotton Karandi
Category: Unstitched winter’23
PKR:: 8,900 PKR:7,565

PKR:: 9,500 PKR:8,075 unstitched skin color 3 piece khaddar suit.

Stylish tea pink color Khaddar winter unstitched 3piece suit PKR:: 8,900 PKR:7,565 only.

Winter classic collection Khaddar 3piece tana bana unstitched suit sale available for PKR:: 8,500 PKR:8,075.

Shocking pink color cotton karandi unstitched embroidered winter 3p suit PKR:: 8,900 PKR:7,565 only.

Off-white cotton karandi 3piece suit PKR:: 9,500 PKR:8,075

Skin color winter embroidered karandi 3p suit PKR:: 13,500 PKR:10,125.

PKR:: 8,900 PKR:6,675 only.

Embroidered pista color winter karandi unstitched 3piece suit PKR:: 13,500 PKR:11,475.

PKR:: 13,500 PKR:11,475 grey brown karandi unstitched suit.

Stylostreet Conclusion

In conclusion, all these given summer lawn dresses will enhance your personality. Therefore, style street suggests our viewers select their favorite lawn dresses for the upcoming summer season from Taana Baana Shop. For more new summer lawn collections visit Maria B Lawn, Gul Ahmed Lawn collections 2023.

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