Special Saree Designs by Famous Designers 2020

Shalwar Kameez, Lehnga, gowns, and embroidery dresses are the first choice of desi girls. But in the history of the subcontinent “saree” has its own special place in outfits. Today in this post we are going to post about special Saree Designs by famous designers of India and Pakistan 2020. Saree is a perfect dress whether you are going to a party, wedding ceremony or on a formal occasion. Traditional dress wear by a girl on an occasion looks more attractive than that of other stylish dress wearing girl.

It is a big and most confusing point for a girl “what to wear, on special events”. Don’t worry, because style street has come with a new trending fashion these days commonly trending in major cities of Pakistan and India. This fashion is all about the latest saree designs and stylish edition of the saree collection 2020.

Girls usually confuse while shopping for a new dress because of various trending dresses present in markets. Varieties of stylish dresses are present in markets. That’s why give a chance to saree outfit this year by wearing saree on different events. Get a glowing look by wearing a saree this year and get a new look never seen before. People love to adopt new fashion according to the new season and time. In Pakistan shalwar kameez, lehenga choli, sharara are the most famous outfits.

Saree was only limited in India but now as time is changing it has become a common fashion. Therefore Pakistani designers have now launched the latest collection of Saree Designs for 2020. In ancient times saree was a common dress for Indian brides. After the partition, this fashion was limited in the area of India only. But now it is a common fashion all over the world including European countries.

Embroidery Saree Designs for Bridal wear 2020

choli and petticoat are the two basic parts of a saree dress that are completely covered by a drape. Embroidery saree is also a very fancy dress which is more exciting than plain saree. Now in Pakistan, all the famous embroidery and textile designers have launched their new masterpieces in saree collection. Pakistani famous celebrities have also appeared recently in different T.V shows and movies in saree dresses.

Boutiques are being filled with the latest saree designs collection launched by a number of famous designers. The demand of saree outfit is increasing in markets. Color selection is also a challenging matter in saree selection. Dark colors especially red are a common and trending color in saree collection. This combination of traditional dress with jewelry set makes a perfect matching pair of dress and jewelry.

Pakistani Drama industry Celebrities & Saree

Pakistani drama industry is the one and only industry in the whole world that is famous for its tremendous work and acting celebrities. Especially Pakistani female actresses have made their name in the whole world just because of natural acting. These actresses have appeared in drama serials often in saree dress in charming scenes. You will see in this gallery many female Pakistani actresses wearing saree. Consequently, don’t miss a chance to follow your favorite female Pakistani actress in fashion. Saree Designs 2020 are perfect for Pakistani fashion lover girls.

Dual Shades on a Saree

While selecting saree the most difficult part is to select the color but dual shade saree is trending for those who can’t decide a color for their dress.  

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