Khaadi 3 piece Lawn Sale 2024 On Summer Collection With Price

New arrival summer Khaadi 3 piece & 2 piece lawn sale 2024 (stitch, unstitch) collection Upto 50% Off is now available on online stores with a special Khaadi Lawn Sale 2024 for a fixed time period.

The summer season is breaking all previous records in Pakistan. That’s why the summer stuff lawn has recently launched in the new arrival 2024 collection by Khaadi. And for all Pakistani customers, these dresses have been set up for sale. Hence you can now buy from the top brand in Pakistan at a sale price which is a golden chance for all of us to add this season.

Khaadi 3 Piece Lawn Sale 2024 On 3-piece Lawn (Shop Online)

In 2024 hot weather conditions made everything online, and these days fashion has become a dream for every woman. Therefore, here we are sharing khaadi lawn sale 3-piece collection 2024 with price. Just select your favorite 3pc lawn suit and get it online today.

Hence, you can start the journey of your fashion life with a new start and obviously, nothing could be better than Khaadi for you.

Printed lawn unstitched orange color 3-piece suit PKR:3,800 PKR:2660.

Cambric fabric printed three-piece unstitched dress PKR:3,800 PKR:3040.

Navy blue color digital printed lawn fabrics 3-piece suit PKR:3,800 PKR:2,660.

Digital lawn printed 3 pc PKR:3,800 PKR:3,040.

Digital printed lawn fabric 2-piece suit PKR:3,190 PKR:1,914.

Black color printed lawn 2-piece suit PKR:2,990 PKR:1,794.

Khaadi Lawn Sale

Lawn fabric 2 piece unstitched suit PKR:2,990 PKR:1,794.

Printed lawn blue color 3-piece unstitched suit PKR:3,890 PKR:2,334 only.

Mustard color 3pc lawn unstitched suit PKR:3,990 PKR:2,394.

Digitally printed 3pc lawn fabric unstitched suit PKR:4,190 PKR:2,514.

Black embroidered lawn suit PKR:5,190 PKR:3,134.

Flower printed lawn 3-piece suit PKR:3,490 PKR:2,443 only.

Khaadi 3-piece lawn sale unstitched off-white color suit PKR:3,490 PKR:2,443.

Digitally printed lawn unstitched suit PKR:3,490 PKR:2,443.

Let’s get your desired summer look by wearing this purple & black color digital printed 3-piece lawn suit PKR:3,490 PKR:2,443.

Floral printed pink lawn 3-piece suit PKR:3,490 PKR:2,443.

Yellow lawn 3-piece digital printed suit PKR:3,490 PKR:2,443.

Green color lawn 3 piece unstitched suit PKR:3,590 PKR:2,513.

Printed embroidered lawn 3-piece unstitched suit PKR:3,990 PKR:2,793 only.

Printed embroidered lawn green color 3piece suit PKR:3,990 PKR:2,793 only.

Stylish blue color digitally printed 3piece suit PKR:2,790 PKR:1,953 only.

Black color unstitched printed lawn 2pc suit PKR:2,390 PKR:1,673 only.

Lovely purple color printed lawn unstitched 3pc suit PKR:3,390 PKR:2,373.

Cotton printed lawn 3piece green color suit PKR:3,390 PKR:2,373 only.

Beige color printed lawn unstitched 3pc suit PKR:3,390 PKR:2,373 only.

Khaadi Sale 2024 Lawn Stitched + Unstitch Items

The new arrival has a sale on all types of dresses. Hence if you are willing to buy a stitch 2-piece or Khaadi 3-piece lawn sale 2024 dress then you can choose one from below.

Orange color printed lawn 3pc embroidered suit Rs:4,490 Rs:3,143 only.

Stylish embroidered summer lawn suit Rs:4,890 Rs:3,423 only.

Dyed embroidered blue color 3piece suit for women Rs:5,090 Rs:3,563 only.

Stylish maroon color embroidered 3pc suit Rs:5,490 Rs:3,843.

Rs:4,990 Rs:3,493.

Lovely purple color dyed embroidered cotton 3piece suit Rs:7,290 Rs:5,103.

Drop shoulder printed multi-color cotton kurta PKR:3,990 PKR:1,995 only.

flared embroidered rust color kameez PKR:6,990 PKR:3,495.

Get a perfect festive look by wearing this embroidered marina 3-piece suit PKR:4,990 PKR:2,994 only.

Brown color digitally printed lawn fabric 3-piece unstitched suit PKR:4,190 PKR:2,514.

Blue printed khaddar top dupatta PKR:3,490 PKR:2,094.

Embroidered classic kurta PKR:5,990 PKR:2,995.

Pink printed embroidered cambric 3piece suit for women PKR:6,790 PKR:3,395 only.

Yellow-dyed embroidered 3-piece unstitched suit PKR:8,090 PKR:4,095 only.

Lovely coral color printed embroidered cambric 3piece suit PKR:7,290 PKR:3,645.

Tiered Tunic multi-color suit PKR:3,490 PKR:1,745 only.

Stylish black embroidered cotton viscose 3piece suit PKR:7,890 PKR:3,945 only.

Stylish brown color printed lawn 3 piece unstitched summer suit PKR:2,790 only.

Printed lawn maroon color summer unstitched 3 piece suit for women PKR:3,090

Let’s update your summer closet with this lovely pink color printed lawn 3piece suit PKR:3,290.

Yellow printed lawn suit PKR:2,890.

Lovely white color summer lawn 3piece unstitched suit PKR:3,290.

Embroidered cambric purple color summer 3piece suit PKR:8,690 only.


Dyed embroidered cambric 3piece rust color summer suit PKR:9,190.

2-Piece & 3-Piece Summer Lawn Suits

Not only 2-Piece & 3-Piece dresses but this collection also includes woman kurta with simple designs or embroidery designs. Kurta actually is a shirt that has a specific design and it always looks different from casual kameez. Hence it is also considered as a dress of fashion.

Rust color summer lawn 3 piece unstitched suit PKR:6,690.

2-piece printed lawn pink color top and bottoms PKR:2,090.

Khaadi 3piece Lawn Sale

Red color printed lawn 2piece suit with mixed chiffon dupatta PKR:2,490 PKR:1,494 only.

Khaadi 3piece Lawn Sale

Get a new refreshing look by wearing this digitally printed 2-piece suit PKR:2,690 PKR:1,345 only.

Khaadi 3piece Lawn Sale

Stylish blue color summer lawn 3piece unstitched suit PKR:3,190 PKR:1,914.

Khaadi 3piece Lawn Sale

Sky blue color digitally printed 3piece suit PKR:3,190 PKR:1,914 only.

Khaadi 3piece Lawn Sale

Printed lawn fabric 2-p unstitched teal suit PKR:2,490 PKR:1,494 only.

Khaadi 3piece Lawn Sale

Floral printed lawn black top and dupatta PKR:2,490 PKR:1,494.

Digitally printed lawn blue color 2 piece unstitched suit for women PKR:2,490 PKR:1,494 only.

Khaadi 3piece Lawn Sale

Pink color summer lawn 3piece unstitched suit PKR:3,990 PKR:2,394.

Printed lawn 3piece unstitched suit sale PKR:2,690 PKR:2,152 only.

Green printed embroidered lawn suit for summer season available for PKR:3,190 PKR:2,552 only.

Blue printed embroidered lawn suit PKR:3,190 PKR:2,552 only save 20% now.

Printed Lawn Green color un-stitch 3piece suit PKR:2,690 PKR:2,152 only.

Get an eye-catching look with the Khaadi summer lawn 3-piece teal color suit available for just Rupees:2790/- Only.

Printed Embroidered Lawn 3Pc suit Rupees:3790/- only.

Blue Printed Lawn Fabric 3 Piece Suit Rupees:3290/- only.

New Designs of Lawn 3 Piece Suit Rupees:2590/- only.

Unstitched Lawn Fabric 3Piece Suit Rupees:2690/- only.

Rupees:2990/- only.

Green Lawn Fabric Three-Piece Suit For Ladies Rupees:2990/-

Dyed Embroidered Red Color Button Down Kurta PKR:3690 PKR:2214

Two Pirce Printed Blue Kurta and Buttons PKR:2890 PKR:1734 only.

Plenty Shades

Here you will find the best shades ever seen in your life. Furthermore, all of these Khaadi lawn shirts and 2 piece suits are best to wear on daily summer days as well summer functions.

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So, let’s go with us to shop online the world’s best & quality fabrics at Khaadi shop at an affordable price range. Click on the given link to buy Online.

New style digitally printed embroidered cambric fabric un-stitch 3 piece suit PKR:9399 PKR:5994 only.

Stylish Rust Color Embroidered Button Down Kurta PKR:3890 PKR:2334 only.

3 Piece Printed light khaddar red suit for ladies wear PKR:2990 PKR:1794 only.

Yellow Printed Light Khaddar 2 Piece Suit PKR:2690 PKR:1614 only.

Two-Piece Embroidered Suit PKR:2490 PKR:1494 only.

Khaadi Brand 3 Piece Khaddar Printed Suit PKR:3490 PKR:2094 only.

PKR:2990 PKR:1794 Available 3 Piece khaddar Suit.

New Purple color light khaddar 3-piece suit PKR:2990 PKR:1794 only.

Dyed embroidered floral kameez by Khaadi is available only for Rupees:4890.

Stylish linen-cotton kameez in olive color for Rupees 3890 Only.

Flared Kameez in Dark Purple color for Rupees:4290 Only.

Off-white jacquard kurta for women available in Rupees:2490 Only.