ECS Shoes Sale 2024 | Upto 50% Off | With Price in Pakistan

Get branded flat, luxury, and formal & heels with ECS Shoes Sale 2024 With Prices on the summer collection. Let’s celebrate savings with up to 50% off has been set up on all shoes and selected luxury items.

Don’t miss a chance to color your summer day with the new arrival of the ECS Shoes Sale 2024 on Summer Clearance Collection. The most stunning part of this discussion is a special sale that has been set on all items of the brands. Women’s shoes have 50% off on all types of items. Let’s check out each type of shoe with its sale rate in detail below.

ECS Shoes Sale 2024 Upto 50% Off With Price

The 2024 Shoe Sale has been set on all items that are being launched by “ECS”. These shoes contain plenty of different types such as:

  • Sandals
  • Loafers
  • Slip On
  • Heels
  • Flats

Here we have discussed all these types of ECS shoes being set on sale. However, it is important to mention that all the items have specific & fixed prices of around 50% to 70% off.

Green velvet khussa PKR:2,400 PKR:1,920 only.

White slippers in unique style PKR:2,600 PKR:2,080.

Studs slippers Maroon color available for PKR:2,400 PKR:1,920

PKR:2,200 PKR:1,760 only.

Glittery chappal for ladies wear PKR:2,000 only.

Glossy slippers for perfect look PKR:1,900.

Bridal sandal golden color PKR:1,720 only.

Black embellished slippers for women Grey color formal chappal for women PKR:1,900.

Grey color formal chappal for women PKR:1,600.

Trendy style shoe for women PKR:2,800 PKR:1,960 only.

Ladies fancy shoe black color PKR:2,000 PKR:1,600.

High heel formal wear shoe for ladies PKR:4,000 PKR:3,200.

Ecs ladies wear fancy casual wear shoe PKR:3,200 PKR:2,560.

Diamante chappals PKR:1,900 PKR:1,300 only.

Lovely peach color chappal PKR:1,900 PKR:1,300.

Vintage roll sandals PKR:3,600 PKR:2,500 only.

Black color khussa PKR:2,600 PKR:2,100.

This summer get a unique look by wearing this yellow color khussa PKR:2,800 PKR:2,200.

Multi-color slippers for women PKR:1690 only.

stylish pink khussa PKR:2650 only.

Ecs vibrant slippers PKR:1590.

Diamante slippers for ladies’ festive wear are available for PKR 3650.

Make a unique statement with these unique sandals PKR:4350 only.

Stylish navy color high heels for women PKR:3,450 PKR:1,400 only.

Blue color heel PKR:4,190 PKR:1,800 only.

PKR:3,650 PKR:1,500

Rs:6,290 Rs:4,400 only.

Rs:6,050 Rs:4,200.

Brown chappals for ladies wearing Ruppes:2,090 Rupees:1,700 save 18% now.

Dark color formal wear slippers for women Ruppes:2,090 Rupees:1,700 save 18% now.

Ecs formal wear diamante sandals for women available now for Ruppes: 3,450 Rupees: 2,700 save 21%.

ECS Shoes Online Sale 2024

All these items present on this page are available for online orders. But it depends upon your order time within a few months after the announcement. However, we also have given a link to the official website so that you can get more information in detail.

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Beautiful Naki Sandals are by Ecs Brand available at a sale price of Ruppes:3,190 Rupees:2,350 only.

Golden color fancy style sandals for women PKR:2,090 PKR:1,550 only.

Maroon trendy sandals for ladies’ formal wear are available now for just PKR:2,490 PKR:2,000.

Black shoe for women PKR:2,950 PKR:2,150.

Maroon fancy chappal for wedding wear available PKR:2,950 PKR:2,150.

Sparkling slippers PKR:2,790 PKR:2,200.

Maroon color heel sandals for women PKR:4,190 PKR:2,050 only.

High heel silver color shoes PKR:3,950 PKR:1,950 only.

Golden color luxury heel shoes for women PKR:3,990 PKR:1,750.

Get ready for stylish black court style shoes by ecs brand up to 50% off prices PKR:4090 PKR:3100 Only.

Stylish Black Color Two inches Heel shoes for a trendy look in just rupees PKR:3090 PKR:2150.

Get stylish look with beautiful high fancy heel shoes available at sale prices PKR:3990 PKR:2800 Only.

Let’s enhance your Eid look with beautiful ECS brand Shiny court shoes Available PKR:2450 PKR:1700 Only.

Stylish Pink Color Heel Shoes for formal wear in Pakistan Available PKR:4090 PKR:2450 Only.

New Designs Women’s casual wear blue color pumps made with soft rubber to provide more comfort available PKR:2250 PKR:1700 Only.

Beautiful Flat Footwear for women’s available up to 50% off prices at ECS shoe shop PKR:2190 PKR:800.

Lovely Golden Color High Heel For Trendy Summer look in PKR:4150 PKR:1700 Only.

Fancy Shiny Black Heel For Formal Wear Available PKR:3650 PKR:2550 Only.

Shoe Quality

The shoes have the best quality and have never seen before price. You can get the best shoes of ECS of every type at the lowest rates, ever launched in the last few years.

ladies’ most favorite maroon color flat shoe for formal and casual wear PKR:2790 PKR:1350 only.

PKR:2890 PKR:1400 save 51% now.

Heels & Flats

For special occasions and official dressing, you can get a pair of the latest heels to get a marvelous look. Whether you are staying in your home and want something relaxing then you can select a pair of flats. For casual hangouts, the latest sandals designs are also available in this sale.

Blue high heel shoes for formal wear PKR:3250 PKR:1600 only.

stylish camel color heel shoes for trendy summer look PKR:3150 PKR:1550 only.


The price of these beautiful shoes starts from PKR 1400/- to PKR 5000/- only. Furthermore, if you made your order before eid, you can also enjoy a free shipping service in the whole of Pakistan. Let’s scroll down this page and get perfect eid heels & flat shoes 50% discount price in 2024.

Beautiful Grey Color Casual Wear Flat Sleeper Available for PKR:2490 PKR:1250.

These Gorgeous Heel Shoes Will expand your identity with high-quality fabrics available in golden color PKR:3250 PKR:2300.

Fancy High Heel Shoes for Women are Available at discount prices PKR:3650 PKR:2550 Only.

Pink Color Beautiful Sneaker for teen girls by ECS shoes PKR:3390 PKR:2550.