Cross Stitch Sale 2024 Summer Lawn Flat 50% Off With Price

Hi! Girls if you are searching for Cross Stitch Sale 2024 Flat 50% Off the unstitched summer lawn collection in Pakistan? Then here, we are going to share one of the leading fashion brands Cross Stitch Sale 2024 online collection for women. The pre-booking of the fashion brand collection starts on 24th February 2024. Furthermore, today pre-book your favorite fashion designer’s unstitched Lawn, khaddar, linen, jacquard, and chiffon volume-1 catalog for women. We can see that this range will contain embroidered fabrics, prints, and ready-to-wear dresses for women.

Furthermore, as we all know Cross Stitch is a very famous fashion designer in Pakistan and all over the world. and now we are sharing beautiful images of ready-to-wear and unstitched girls and women luxury edit Summer/Winter Cross sitch 2024 for everyone.

Cross Stitch Sale 2024 Flat 50% Off With Price

Get ready girls for a wide range of new designs and multi-colors of summer dresses with prices. All these cross-stitch end-of-season sale dresses are designed according to customers’ demands and current weather conditions.

This year get the unique elegant and graceful look by wearing this cross stitch summer lawn, jacquard, khaddar, karandi, and linen 3-piece, 2-piece suits. Hence, women can’t get their desired summer/winter charming look without these dresses. Therefore, this season upgrade your summer wardrobe with these amazing unforgettable outfits.

Pink lawn blossom 3-pc printed suit PKR:6,850 PKR:5,130 only.

Black lawn unstitched 3pc suit 

Ash rose 3-piece khaddar printed suit PKR:7,250 PKR:3,620 only.

Purple khaddar 3pc unstitched embroidered suit PKR:9,500 PKR:4,750.

Green color marina printed 3 piece embroidered suit PKR:7,550 PKR:4,530 only.

Ethnic khaddar embroidered 3-piece suit PKR:9,950 PKR:5,975.

Stylish magenta color printed khaddar 3piece suit with matching shawl PKR:6,950 PKR:3,470.

Rust embroidered linen 3piece winter unstitched suit PKR:8,950 PKR:4,470.

3-piece embroidered khaddar suit for women PKR:8,550 PKR:5,130.

Embroidered mustard lawn 3-pc PKR:6,950 PKR:5,210 only.

Lovely pink color embroidered lawn suit PKR:8,650 PKR:6,480.

Olive color embroidered satin suit for women PKR:8,950 PKR:4,470.

Stylish black color embroidered suit for women PKR:9,500 PKR:4,750.

Lush pink 3pc digital printed lawn suit PKR:6,550 PKR:4,910.

Fuchsia floret 3pc satin embroidered suit PKR:9,950 PKR:4,970.

snow pearl 3pc embroidered lawn unstitched suit PKR:7,950 PKR:5,960 only.

Stylish peach lawn unstitched 3pc suit PKR:6,950 PKR:5,210.

Lovely purple color 3pc printed lawn suit PKR:4,950 PKR:3,710.

Orange lawn printed suit PKR:4,950 PKR:3,710.

Black printed lawn unstitched 3pc suit PKR:6,500 PKR:4,550 only.

Aqua regalia 3pc embroidered lawn suit PKR:7,500 PKR:5,250.

Blue lawn unstitched embroidered suit 2024 for PKR:7,500 PKR:5,250.

Inky glint embroidered lawn 3pc black color suit PKR:8,250 PKR:5,770.

Lovely pink color embroidered summer lawn three-piece suit PKR:7,250 PKR:5,070.

winsome orchid 3piece purple lawn embroidered suit PKR:6,250 PKR:4,370.

Cross Stitch Season End Sale 2024 Flat 50% Off

Furthermore, in this post, you can find that all summer dresses contain very stylish and colorful dresses as compared to previous collections. In addition, this brand offers a new stylish chiffon dupatta with other summer dresses that have a lawn dupatta. And you can shop online for all types of the variety of stitched and unstitched available in stores.

The Cross-stitched fashion brand was founded in 2000. And this popular fashion brand always introduced something new and funky. Furthermore, you can like these beautiful designs that contain attractive colorful prints for women. shop online Cross Stitch Sale Season End Summer Collection 2024 Lawn volume-1,2,3 collection for women.

Digital printed blue lawn suit PKR:6950 PKR:5,210.

Stylish garnet glare 3pc embroidered lawn suit PKR:7,950 PKR:6,360.

Digital printed 3pc yellow lawn suit PKR:4,950 PKR:3,710 only.

Digital printed black khaddar unstitched 2p suit with price Rs:2,950 Rs:2,210 only.

Red printed lawn embroidered unstitched 3piece suit for women PKR:6,500 PKR:5,520 only.

Black embroidered lawn floral printed unstitched 3piece suit PKR:7,750 PKR:6,200.

Digital printed white embroidered shirt, trousers, and dupatta for women PKR:4,650 PKR:3,720.

Noor-e-chasham 3piece green color embroidered lawn suit PKR:6,950 PKR:5,560.

Navy blue embroidered unique design unstitched 3-piece suit for women PKR:5,550 PKR:4,160.

Cross Stitch Lawn Collection for Daily Use 2024

Furthermore, cross-stitched Rainfall of the best colors lawn stitched and unstitched collection vol-1 for women. Moreover, all the dresses were designed according to the highly delightful collection of summer lawn wardrobes. Let’s explore Cross Stitch Unstitched Summer Collection 2024 dresses with prices.

Stylish peach color embroidered lawn unstitched luxury suit PKR:6,950 PKR:4,860.

Peach embroidered lawn 3piece suit for women PKR:5,850 PKR:4,380.

Lawn mustard folk style embroidered 3pc suit PKR:6,950 PKR:4,860.

Orange color digital printed unstitched 3piece suit PKR:4,550 PKR:3,410 only.

Unstitched purple color lawn digital printed 3piece suit PKR:4,550 PKR:3,410 only.

Peach pearl 3piece digital printed suit PKR:4,550 PKR:3,410 only.

Stylish brown lawn digital printed un-stitch suit PKR:4,550 PKR:3,410 only.

White lawn unstitched one-piece shirt PKR:1,950 PKR:1,610 only.

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Let’s get the trendy look with this cross stitch white lawn 3pc suit PKR:5,250 PKR:4,200 only.

Digital print black lawn three-piece suit PKR:5,350 PKR:3,740 only.

Get a classic summer look with a blue color digital print lawn un-stitch suit PKR:5,350 PKR:3,740.

Green lawn 3 piece suit PKR:5,350 PKR:3,740.

Stylish pink color lawn 3-piece suit for ladies wear PKR:5,350 PKR:3,740.

PKR:3,550 PKR:2,480.

White color lawn print suit PKR:3,550 PKR:2,480.

Teal color lawn embroidered 3 pieces un-stitch suit PKR:6550 Only.

First Look of Cross Stitched Lawn Sale 2024

Cross-stitched is one of the leading fashion brands in Pakistan providing beautiful lawn prints for women. Now cross-stitched Kites and Dreams spring lawn collection is available in the pre-booking section or online store.

Moreover, a wonderful summer lawn collection contains marvel prints and a majestic embroidery look with a shiny look in the summer season of 2024.

Unstitched 3-piece grey color luxury lawn suit by cross-stitch brand for PKR:6550 Only.

Digital printed lawn 3pc magenta color suit PKR:6550.

Peach color embroidered summer lawn’23 suit for PKR:7250 Only.

Beige lawn digital print suit for PKR:6250 Only.

Ivory lawn 3pc unstitched suit PKR:7250.

Trendy green embroidered suit with golden lace unstitched suit PKR:6950 Only.

White Lawn Embroidered shirt, trousers, and chiffon dupatta PKR:6550.

Black color digital print 3pc suit PKR:5950 Only.

Digital print lawn 3pc blue suit PKR:5450 Only.

A beautiful yellow lawn suit having black embroidery work on the kameez front and shalwar available PKR:5250.

Pink Color 3 piece suit PKR:6950 Only.

Unstitched 3 pieces lawn black color suit PKR:5250 Only.

PKR:2950 Only.

Unstitched Peach Color 3-piece suit PKR:5250.

Latest Cross Stitch Prints 2024

In addition, amazing embroidery patterns with modern styles for chic women to fulfill their dreams by cross-stitching. Furthermore, the cross stitch fashion lawn collection is very unique and dramatic prints for a bright and gleaming look.

Moreover, the Cross Stitched Lawn 2024 Vol-1,2,3 collection contains highly embroidery shirts and is embellished with unique prints in unique ways.

Stylish unstitched printed lawn 3-piece green suit available for PKR:3250 Only.

Brown color lawn 3-piece printed suit by cross stitch collection 2024 available for PKR:3250 Only.

Charcoal impression With 3pc black color suit for women available for PKR:3250 Only.

Cross stitch Daily use lawn 3 pieces brown color suit available for PKR:3950 Only.

Pink color lawn three-piece unstitched shirt, trousers, and dupatta for the best casual look available for PKR:3950.

Get a charming perfect summer look with this stylish lawn blue color digitally printed Suit Available for PKR:3250 Only.

Pink color un-stitched 3-piece printed lawn suit for women available for PKR:3250 Only.

A beautiful 2 piece pink color lawn suit for daily summer use is available for just Rupees:1950 Only.

Purple color three-piece printed lawn suit for PKR:3250 Only.

Green color lawn shirt paired with dyed cambric trousers available for PKR:1950 Only.

cross stitch brand Spring Summer Daily uses summer dresses for women 2-pc available for PKR:1950 Only.

Cross-Stitch Winter Sale

Let’s get some new and more beautiful winter dresses at the cross stitch brand shop and save 50% discount on all products. Here below we are sharing some new winter 3-piece outfits at half prices.

Lovely pink color cotton jacquard 3piece unstitched suit PKR:6,550 PKR:4,250 only.

Blue frost 3-piece digital printed linen suit PKR:4,950 PKR:3,210 only.

Black embroidered khaddar winter 3piece unstitched suit PKR:6,250 PKR:4,060 only.

Embroidered khaddar ivory color 3piece winter suit PKR:7,950 PKR:5,560 only.

Charocal digital printed khaddar 3piece suit with embroidered shawl PKR:6,550 PKR:4,580 only.

Stylish beige marina winter unstitched 3piece embroidered suit PKR:5,950 PKR:4,160 only.

Orchard 3-piece cotton jacquard 3-piece suit PKR:6,250 PKR:4,060 only.

Pearl light 3-piece cotton jacquard black suit PKR:6,250 PKR:4,060 only.

Stylish yellow cotton jacquard suit PKR:6,250 PKR:4,060 only.

Mustard ethnic winter cotton jacquard suit PKR:6,550 PKR:4,250 only.

Let’s update your winter wardrobe by wearing this purple color jacquard unstitched 3-piece suit PKR:6,550 PKR:4,250.

PKR:5,950 PKR:3,860 cotton satin purple 3pc suit.

Embroidered khaddar teal color winter unstitched 3pc suit PKR:5,950 PKR:4,160.

PKR:4,950 PKR:3,460 only.

Cendre green 3-piece digitally printed marina suit PKR:6,150 PKR:4,300 only.

3pc embroidered khaddar blue color unstitched suit PKR:6,750 PKR:5,400 only.

Green embroidered linen unstitched 3p suit PKR:6,950 PKR:5,560.

Radiant haze 3pc embroidered linen pink color 3piece suit PKR:6,550 PKR:5,240 only.

Checkered speak 3piece embroidered khaddar ivroy color suit PKR:7,950 PKR:6,360 only.

Smoky brisk 3pc cross stitch winter suit PKR:7,750 PKR:5,660.

Cross Stitch Sale Winter Collection

Embroidered grey color cotton stain 3pc suit PKR:5,950 PKR:4,460.

Cross Stitch Sale Winter Collection

Jacquard maroon embroidered 3-piece winter suit PKR:9,850 PKR:7,380.

Cross Stitch Sale Winter Collection

Cotton satin embroidered unstitched 3pc suit PKR:8,550 PKR:6,410.

Cross Stitch Sale Winter Collection

Get a unique graceful winter look by wearing this orange color luxury 3-piece suit available for just PKR:8,550 PKR:6,410.

Cross Stitch Sale Winter Collection

Green cotton satin embroidered 3pc suit PKR:7,550 PKR:5,660.

Cross Stitch Sale Winter Collection

Russet bloom 3-piece suit PKR:5,950 PKR:4,460.

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