Beauty Expert Kashee New Year Guest at Shaista Lodhi Show

Beauty Expert Kashee guest at Shaista Lodhi show: Beauty Expert Kashee is the top makeup artist of Pakistan and he has started a revolution in bridal makeup. In Pakistan, the most difficult task is to find a good beautician who can embellish your face perfect for marriage. That’s why we have often seen many girls worry at the time of their makeup on the day of their wedding. Most girls think their faces would be makeup perfectly due to unqualified beauticians. Today our topic of discussion is Beauty Expert Kashee.

Beauty Expert Kashee is the top beautician of Pakistan. That’s why the demand of Kashee’s makeup is very high because of his lovely makeup tricks and new methods in bridal makeup. Kashee also has a beauty parlor in Karachi. Kashee’s beauty parlor is very famous all over in Pakistan also in other countries of the world. Kashee is best at bridal makeup, party makeup and for TV artists he is the most important person in the makeup team.

Kashee New Year Visit Shaista Lodhi Show 2020

Shaista Lodhi is the famous name of Pakistan. She also hosts a morning show at Geo host recently. Kashee has visited Shaista Lodhi morning shows many times and he has also performed his best as a beautician and makeup brides marvelously. We have posted all the images of that show of Beauty Expert Kashee & Shaista Lodhi below so you can have a glimpse of that show.

Famous and rich people of Pakistan always go for makeup touch by Kashee at Kashee’s Beauty Parlor Karachi. It is also very common about parlor contact number that they hardly reply to phone calls because of overbooking at the parlor. Yes! It is very hard to afford such a talented beautician for a few hours and if you can afford then it is also a big challenge to get time at Beauty Expert Kashee parlor.

Kashee’s Bridal Makeup in Morning Show:

Kashee’s beauty tips work as a tutorial for other makeup artists. However, the reason behind the success of kashee’s beauty tips and the parlor is just his overwork and unique techniques which made him unique from another makeup artist. In Kashee’s top makeup work his Foundation, Eyelash Glue, Face Powder, Concealer, and pedicure are famous. He is matchless and expert in this stuff.

Kashee put a marvelous impression on the audience by performing such gorgeous makeup on a bride. He also describes his makeup tips and how he makes the bride in detail. Hence that episode is very informative for makeup artists. They can learn about bridal makeup from that morning show by kashee.

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