Rajbari Winter Luxury linen collection 2018-19 Designs With Price

Today we are going to share Rajbari luxury linen collection 2018-19. As we know that Pakistani women like to wear stylish luxury linen winter collection by Rajbari. New Rajbari winter collection is launched very soon. Here we have the first look of all new RajBari luxury edition collection 2019.

Stylish sensational embroidery suits are containing eye-catching colors that will make this collection amazing. In conclusion, Viewers look at below we have shared a complete collection of Rajbari luxury linen collection 2018-19 designs.

Stylish Rajbari Winter Luxury linen Dresses For Pakistani Women

  • Embroidered jacquard Shirt Front
  • Embroidered jacquard Sleeves
  • Digital Printed Back
  • Dyed Linen Trouser
  • Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta
  • Stylish Embroidered Shirt Border
  • Furthermore, Embroidered Lace

Price Range:

Shop Online the latest Embroidered winter linen dresses at a reasonable price.

Rs:3590/- Rs:4190/-

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