Summer Collection

Limelight Summer Collection {2023} Unstitched With Price

Limelight Summer Collection 2023 Lawn 3-piece unstitched dresses for women are now available online. That’s why we are here with a complete review of the summer lawn unstitched collection’23 with the price tag.

In the queue of famous brands, we must have to say the limelight has a reasonable position due to its numerous qualities. All those qualities which made a brand popular and trending are present in the limelight. That’s why with the start of summer 2023 everyone has started to search for the latest summer stitched or unstitched collection launched by the limelight.

New Arrival Limelight Summer Collection 2023 Lawn With Price

Stylostreet always comes first to post the latest summer unstitched collections of famous brands. Pakistani users always remain in search of fashion. That’s why keep in mind the search point of Pakistani fashion lovers. Furthermore, today’s topic is an affordable clothing brand having stitched and unstitched collections. In addition, the limelight recently publish its new summer lawn collection 2023 with the price tag.

In gardens, we can spot the arrival of summer or climate change. Furthermore, the march is also great proof of new-season arrival. Moreover, for fashion lovers, season change has always remained a part of adopting new fashion. Hence adopt new stuff to get a glowing personality.

Cambric embroidered pink color 3 piece unstitched suit PKR:3,999 only.

3-piece cambric embroidered unstitched suit PKR:3,999.

Embroidered cambric 3-piece unstitched suit for women PKR:3,999.

Multi-color embroidered unstitched 3piece suit PKR:4,199.

Cambric unstitched 3-piece suit PKR:4,199.

Lovely purple embroidered cambric 3-piece suit PKR:3,899.


Floral printed lawn 3-piece unstitched suit Rs:3,199 only.

Two-tone printed green color 3piece lawn suit Rs:3,199 only.

Beige printed lawn three-piece suit Rs:3,199.

Unstitched mint color 3piece lawn unstitched suit Rs:3,299.

Yellow lawn embroidered 3piece suit Rs:5,499.

Plum embroidered lawn 3piece suit Rs:3,999.

Floral gold pasting unstitched 3-piece lawn suit Rs:3,899 only.

Beige lawn 3 piece unstitched suit Rs:3,899.

2-piece lawn printed suit Rs:1,799.

Unstitched 3-piece lawn printed unstitched suit for women Rs:3,599.

Embroidered 3-piece unstitched suit for women Rs:7,499 only.

Stylish multi-color green color unstitched lawn 3piece suit for women Rs:3,599 only.

Aqua color lawn 3piece suit Rs:3,599 only.

Dresses At Affordable Prices

All dresses have affordable prices. Because the limelight always tries to deliver the best designs and stuff at affordable prices. Hence to give a better chance for every Pakistani female to remain in touch with fashion accessories.

Floral printed pattern on the front and back of the shirt aqua color 3 piece lawn unstitched suit Rs:3,199.

Lawn Three Piece Unstitched Suit Rs:3,199.

3-piece Missouri embroidered suit Rs:7,499.

3-piece printed lawn unstitched maroon color 3piece suit Rs:2,999 only.

Stylish maroon color summer lawn 3piece unstitched suit Rs:2,999.

Unstitched beige color summer lawn 3piece suit Rs:2,999.

Lovely floral printed lawn printed 3-piece suit Rs:1,199 only.

Let’s enhance your summer look by wearing this 2-piece printed lawn unstitched suit for Rs:2,299.

The black unstitched 2-piece multi-floral pattern on the shirt front 3-piece suit is Rs:2,299.

Purple color summer 3piece suit Rs:2,999.

Pink color embroidered lawn 2-piece suit unstitched Rs:3,499.

Embroidered unstitched 3piece yarn light beige color suit Rs:5,699.

Green lawn 3 piece unstitched suit Rs:2,999.

Lawn embroidered 3-piece orange color suit with rajjo net dupatta PKR:4,699 only.

Unstitched 3-piece floral printed dark green embroidered suit PKR:5,999.

Embroidered lawn 3piece teal color unstitched suit PKR:4,699.

Red lawn printed 2-piece shirt + dupatta PKR:1,999.

3-Piece yarn dyed suit embroidered unstitched PKR:5,699.

Let’s add a perfect summer look by wearing this 3piece unstitched lawn suit PKR:2,999.

Ethnic floral printed lawn brown color 3piece suit PKR:2,999.

2-piece printed lawn unstitched black suit PKR:2,099.

Stylish maroon color 3-piece lawn unstitched suit PKR:2,799 only.

Grey color lawn unstitched 3piece summer suit PKR:2,799.

Unstitched printed lawn yellow color summer 3piece suit PKR:1,199.

With lawn fabric with floral embroidered 1-piece shirt PKR:1,199.

Stylish rust color printed lawn 3piece unstitched suit for women PKR:2,699.

Limelight Summer Collection Unstitched 2023

Limelight has also revealed its new and first summer collection of 2023. The first collection has a wide range of colors making the collection more attractive. However, the stuff has been kept according to the hot climate of Pakistan. Hence professional work done on soft limelight summer dresses show that the dresses have remained in the hands of fashion professional tycoons.

These are the official review images launched by the limelight. All images are trending in fashion week magazines. We have collected these best-ever designs for you so that you can easily get a perfect idea about maintaining your personality.

Ladies’ favorite red color unstitched printed cambric 3-piece suit for women PKR:3,399 only.

Blue floral printed summer cambric suit for women PKR:3,299.

For a unique summer look wear this 1piece printed cambric long shirt available for PKR:1,099 only.

Printed cambric shirt, perfect for summer season PKR:1,399 only.

Look attractive in this purple color printed cambric suit PKR:3,199.

Unstitched green color lawn 3piece suit PKR:3,299 only.

Stylish light green color embroidered shirt and dupatta PKR:4,899.

2 piece embroidered silk suit for women PKR:3,999 only.

Stylish navy blue color embroidered lawn unstitched 2piece suit PKR:4,299 only.

Bright Shades & Colours

According to the demand of the new era 2023, these shades or dress colors have been designed. The latest dresses normally have both bright and light shades. So that every female can choose best according to her choice.

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This summer buy a stylish sea green color embroidered jacquard 3piece suit for just PKR:6,499 only in Pakistan.

Black 3piece printed lawn suit PKR:3,299 only.

Green lawn shirt and net dupatta unstitched PKR:2,299 only.

Beautiful floral printed lawn one piece long frock PKR:1,199 only.

Unstitched Printed Lawn 2piece Suit Rs. 2,299 only.

Unstitched 2Piece Printed Lawn Suit Rs. 2,299 only.

Stylish blue color Printed (Shirt+Trouser) Rs. 2,299 only.

Pink color lawn elegent shirt and trouser Rs. 2,299 only.

One Piece maroon lawn unique pattern shirt Rs. 1,199.

New arrival lawn pink shirt Rs. 1,199 only.

3Piece Printed Unstitched Lawn Suit Rs. 2,699 only.

Stylish 1 piece lawn print shirt for summer season available only Rupees:1299 Now.

Green color limelight two-piece lawn suit buy now for Rupees:1899 Only.

Two-Piece Print Texture Lawn Orange Suit Rupees:1899 Only.

Aqua color lawn shirt and chiffon dupatta by lime light brand available for just Rupees:1699.

Let’s add a glamour look with 2 pieces of embroidered khaki color suit for women Rupees:3699 Only.

Dark Blue Unstitched 2 Piece Embroidered Dress by Limelight Brand Available for Rupees:3699 Only.

2 Piece Printed Thai Silk Suit Rupees:2299 Only.

Stylostreet Conclusion

Limelight summer unstitched collection 2023 is available in-store and online. Everyone knows about the limelight’s unique affordable prices, adaptable shades, and beautiful quality stuff. Furthermore, In this collection, the brand has kept all the points of professional clothing in mind and designed the clothing. Our fashion professionals recommend this brand of dresses for women. Therefore, just visit the official website for more INFO & Price.