Top 10 Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Various Events

Top 10 Pakistani Mehndi Designs: Mehndi is a natural beauty product. In Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh this beauty product is considered an essential part of women’s makeup. Girls usually apply Mehndi on their hands, arms, foot & feet to get a glorious look.

Every year new Mehndi designs take place of old ones and now new Top 10 Pakistani Mehndi Designs are trending in 2022.

“Top 10 EverGreen Categories of Mehndi Designs” 

Girls use to apply Mehndi designs on different events. It is important to notice that Mehndi’s designs also change with the type of event or occasion.

That’s why we are going to post different Mehndi designs for various events or occasions. In this post, we have the Top 10 Pakistani Mehndi Designs such as:

New Designs Mehndi Designs for Young Girls

  • Bridal Mehndi Designs
  • Eid Mehndi Designs
  • Pakistani Mehndi Designs
  • Indian Mehndi Designs
  • Arabic Mehndi Designs
  • Kids Mehndi Designs
  • Simple Mehndi Designs
  • Party Mehndi Designs
  • Feet Mehndi Designs
  • Flower, Tikki & Pattern Mehndi Designs


In Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh Mehndi are generally applied on their hands, arms, and feet to get a traditional natural look. After applying Mehndi on their body parts brides get a glorious look. That’s why Asian brides look stunning on the day of their wedding. Due to this natural beauty product brides get a new look. Mehndi increases the simplicity of brides & makes their white skin shinning.

On the day of the wedding, many types of Mehndi designs such as Arabic, Indian and Pakistani Mehndi designs are present in option for girls. But brides usually apply heavily designed Mehndi designs. All of these designs are here.


On the day of Eid, we thank God for so many blessings. That’s why Eid is a day of blessings, happiness, and charm. Everyone gets ready on the day of Eid especially girls try their best to get a perfect look. Therefore girls search for special new designs of Mehndi before Eid day.


In the list of Mehndi Designs, Pakistani Mehndi Designs are at the top. The reason behind the trend of these designs is simplicity. Pakistani Mehndi designs are simple and attractive. These clear Mehndi designs get more attraction as compared to other designs.

In Pakistan original Mehndi paste (Hinna) is common. As artificial Mehndi color is also present in markets but that color doesn’t put a natural color effect on girl’s skin.


More than five decades ago Mehndi was popular in India. In those times this was only makeup stuff for Asian women. This color was applied on the bride’s hands. But with the passage of time this color become popular and now Mehndi is considered as very important before every occasion.

5: Arabic Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs with bold and beautiful flower styles are known as Arabic Mehndi Designs. These designs are also getting attraction among ladies due to their unique charm and appearance. In Arabic Mehndi designs we have a wide range of pictures in our other Mehndi designs posts we also have Arabic Mehndi Designs gallery.

6: Kids Mehndi Designs

Kids can never remain out of new fashion. Hence we also post-kids Mehndi designs for lovely and dear kids. Here in these designs simple finger designs and palm designs are taken as kids little hands look lovely with tiny Mehndi designs.

7: Simple Mehndi Designs

Heavily designed Mehndi styles were loved in old times. But now simple and clear Mehndi designs are more important for girls. This is because of the simple look of designs. These designs look clear and when these designs are applied on pure white skin then these look marvelous.

8: Party Mehndi Designs

People consider Mehndi as a limited fashion just for weddings. But it is absolutely wrong. Mehndi is now adopted as a regular fashion whether you are going to party nights, dinner parties and having a family or friends get together. Mehndi designs changes with sort of occasion.

9: Feet Mehndi Designs

Girls apply Mehndi on their hands, fingers, nails and on feet. Here we are talking about Feet Mehndi Designs. These feet Mehndi designs were very simple in past but now different types of flowers; animals and birds’ pictures are drawn by Mehndi designs.

10: Flower, Tikki & Pattern Mehndi Designs

In Flower, Tikki & pattern Mehndi designs look perfect on girls. These designs are known as traditional Indian Mehndi designs. Here the list of our Top 10 Pakistani Mehndi Designs is complete.

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