Top 10 Eid Mehndi Designs Ideas For Girls 2024

Top 10 Eid Mehndi Designs: Mehndi is only a creative and natural part of our daily routine fashion. Without it our fashion is incomplete.

As all of us know, Mehndi has been used by ladies for a very long time. Now, this has become an essential part of our fashion. This is the only fashion which makes the girls simple & beautiful naturally.

Top 10 Eid Mehndi Designs 2024 For Girls

Today we have collected the most used & preferred designs by Pakistani & Indian ladies. These designs are perfect for all kinds of occasions whether it is Eid, Holi, Wedding, or a party. Hence it is a complete package for girls.

Here we have a complete list of 10 names & their designs. We have described their creation and the unique structure present in them. However, you must have to take a look to satisfy yourself and choose one for the next event.

Arabic Mehndi Desings

Arabia is a land of beauty and attraction. Especially Arabic girls are famous in the whole world just because of their beauty. That’s why to add a makeup touch they use natural products on hands & feet. Here the designs will completely define it.

Arabic Mehndi Desings
Arabic Mehndi Desings 2020
New Arabic Mehndi Desings

Flower Mehndi Designs

Natural beauty has always remained a source of beauty. That’s why girls use to have flower designs on their hands, feet & arms. Flower designs have basically attracted girls more because of their unique style & beauty.

Flower Mehndi Designs
Latest Flower Mehndi Designs
Palm Mehndi Designs

It started from palm to draw new designs of mehndi. Later on, these designs increase their popularity among girls and now they are being created on nearly all visible parts of beauty.

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Palm Mehndi Designs
Trending Palm Mehndi Designs
Long Mehndi Designs

For those girls who have long & thin hands. We have a perfect solution with the name of Long Mehndi Designs. These are long enough for complete hands. Try them once for fun.

Long Arm Mehndi Designs
Long Mehndi Designs 2020

Tattoo Mehndi Designs

Draw a lovely tattoo with Mehndi because now new tattoo mehndi designs are trending. Hence draw a tattoo with Mehndi to get full attention in public.

Tattoo Mehndi Designs
Special Tattoo Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi Designs

In Asia, it is considered a stroke of luck & essential for the bride to draw mehndi designs on her hands and feet. However, its importance has increased in the last few years with the increase of this natural color’s popularity.

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New Bridal Mehndi Designs
Hand & foot Bridal Mehndi Designs
Hand Bridal Mehndi Designs

Jewelry Style Mehndi Designs

It’s very trending to draw jewelry with this natural color. Light or dark brown color with the basic jewelry designs makes it lovelier for the girls. This fashion is new and trending among Pakistani & Indian girls.

Jewelry Style 2020
2020 Jewelry Style
Simple Style Mehndi Designs

In every field there it is a natural concept that simple things appear more in front of the eyes. That’s why girls with simple mehndi designs also grab the attention of the crowd. We have made these designs part of our top 10.

Simple Style Mehndi Designs
Trending Simple Style Mehndi Designs
Kids Mehndi Designs

How can we forget kids? As we know kids have always been the chief guests of all events. That’s why we have posted here all available and trending designs of Mehndi for kids. These designs are the latest according to the year 2024.

Kids Mehndi Styles 2020
New Kids Mehndi Styles

Party Night New Styles

The last one is special for those who are going to join a party or other special events. These designs are vivid and glowing. Select one of them for your next party and enjoy it.

Latest Party Night Styles
New Party Night Style

Stylostreet Conclusion

Follow these trending tips & designs to get attraction in the crowd. Also, you can try all these designs on different occasions. We have tried our best to provide images of high pixels for our visitors. These designs have been selected according to the trend of 2024 in Asian countries.

As you know only Pakistani & Indian girls know the importance of mehndi for their common living. Please visit our other pages for more info.