StormFiber Internet Packages & Prices And Installation 2019

Today we are going to talking about the StormFiber internet service in Pakistan. As we know that StormFiber has recently started its working in Pakistan and a huge amount of student start using their services. Therefore, today we are discussing the StormFiber benefits, it’s capacity, internet packages and monthly volume in the affordable price range & Installation Charges September 2019.

In our fist post, we talk about the first internet in Pakistan, the first name that comes into our minds is PTCL. PTCL broadband internet packages price, installation charges complete guide discuss later in the first post. Due to PTCL frequent disconnections and fluctuations in speed, most people like to choose another option that is always good. Therefore, 3G/4G mobile internet has met the demands of a lot of people in Pakistan. But mobile internet packages are too expensive and they also offer limited data packages. Therefore, StormFiber is the best option to get fast internet service in affordable price.

What is StormFiber Internet? And it’s Packages Details 2019

In  Pakistan, there are a lot of broadband companies who are offering their best services in the whole of Pakistan. StormFiber interenet service is one of these ISPs. Who is offering the best internet services in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad. StormFiber is the best option for the resident’s houses in these cities. As we know that StormFiber is providing the best affordable packages in affordable price.

StormFiber internet is providing FTTH (fiber to the Home) high-speed unlimited internet packages at low price. Moreover, StormFiber providing internet packages up to 30 Mbps at an affordable price. Therefore, StormFiber always provide truly unlimited downloading and uploading speed. Enjoy the speedy with StormFiber, furthermore, they also provide TV option and landline services with triple-play bundles.

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StormFiber internet packages start from 2Mbps and up to 30 Mbps. Furthermore, the triple play service will provide Tv and landline services as well. Here in this post, we are going to sharing complete details about the StormFiber internet packages. Through this post, you will find the best affordable packages which suit you the most.

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StormFiber Internet Bundles 2Mbps to 30 Mbps 2019 Details

1. ICE

StormFiber ICE bundle offer you a 2 Mbps internet speed in just rupees PKR: 1299/- per month. Furthermore, you can also pay OTC (One Time Charges)  of Rs.12000/- for one year or can pay in easy installments plan of Rs.1200/per month. Or get a static IP in just Rs.250/- only.


Furthermore, in Cyclone internet bundle you can 4 Mbps internet connection in Rs.1499/- only per month. Moreover, have to pay OTC RS.12000/- or can be paid in installments plan of Rs.1200/- per month.


In Typhoon, package user can enjoy 10 Mbps connection for a price of PKR: 1799 per month.


Furthermore, in Twister Strom fiber internet packages user can enjoy 15 Mbps internet connection per month.


In addition, Buzzard includes 20 Mbps connection for a price of PKR: 2799 per month. Subscribe Blizzard package in the affordable price range.


In Thunder Stromfiber internet package user can enjoy 30 Mbps speed in just rupees PKR: 3,799 per month. You have to pay OTC and in easy installments plan to pay PKR: 12000.

StormFiber Triple Play Bundles 2019

Due to, Stromfiber popularity in different countries, now it’s providing triple-play bundles that include TV and landline in a single package. Furthermore, this company is currently providing 3 triple play bundle in Pakistan.


In a triple typhoon, bundle user can get 10 Mbps internet connection, and a landline and TV service. This bundle will cost you PKR: 1999/- per month.


Furthermore, this Triple Blizzard internet bundle includes 20 Mbps internet connection and landline, Tv service. User can subscribe to this internet bundle in just Rs.2999/- per month.


In last, this bundle includes 30 Mpbs internet connection that will provide landline and TV. This bundle can be subsribe in just Rs.3999 per month. Furthermore, you just need to pay installation charges PKR:12000/-. Or customer can pay this amount in easy installments plan of PKR: 1200/- per month. Furthermore, the user can get static Ip in just Rs.250/- per month only.

Moreover, enjoy these internet packages that will come with the same upload and downloading speed.

For more update to any StromFiber internet, packages keep visiting official website. Moreover, make sure that your area in coverage of Stromfiber internet service.

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