PTCL Wireless Internet Devices 3G/4G Packages 2018-19

PTCL Wireless Internet – The Internet is the only way to stay touch with the whole world. We are living in the advance century and one man sitting in his house in Asia can easily contact with his friend who is sitting in Europe same time. The broadband and the Wireless Internet makes the communication system so advanced and easy for the human. Therefore, the world is also getting advance with its use. Without the internet our lives are incomplete. The reason is just that of our much interest in the internet. So, guys today her you will find PTCL Wireless Internet Devices 3G/4G Packages Detail updated March 2018-19.

PTCL EVO 9.3 & CharJi Wingle Devices Packages 2018-19

Internet signals can be transmitted or travel from one place to another in telephone wires. These telephones wires are basically connected worldwide and cause the closeness of people just because of connections of these wires. Internet signals can also be transmitted from one place to another through satellite.

In Pakistan, PTCL is one of the leading telecommunicating companies. People use internet through the PTCL Broadband & wireless devices. These devices contain wired modem and also 3G EVO and 4G CharJi devices. Today we will provide you the latest  March 2018-19  PTCL Wireless Internet devices packages 2018-19. In these packages PTCL EVO 3G/4G devices packages are shown below.

EVO 9.3 Mbps Wireless Internet Devices Packages 2018

EVO 9.3 has also further two more types. In these types, two devices are launched by PTCL. The 1st device name is EVO Wingle. This device is a plug and play type USB device. It can be easily plugged into laptops and personal computers. This EVO is able to connect 10 devices to a simultaneously.
The 2nd device name is EVO Nitro Cloud-Share and this device has a build in battery. This device has a 2,200 mAh battery. This EVO device is also able to connect 10 devices at a time with it. This device is a chargeable device and launches its own signals. Wi-Fi devices connect to it by giving the password.

Packages of EVO 9.3 (EVO Wingle + EVO Nitro Cloud-Share)

5 GB Package (Charges + Validity)

This package of EVO 9.3 Wingle and Nitro Cloud Share charges 750 rupees and give 5 GB data. This 5 GB data is valid for 1 month (30 days). This internet package is a very cheap package. And everyone can easily afford this package.

10 GB Package (Charges + Validity)

This package offers double data mean 10 GB in 1000 rupees. This offer is mind-blowing. This package is valid for 1 month (30 days).

15 GB Package (Charges + Validity)

In this package, PTCL will provide 25 GB and charges 1,350 rupees. This offer is perfect for those people who become tired from Data Sims. Because the EVO is better than those slow data Sims. Also, these devices are 3G supported. Its mean user can access high-speed internet. This offer is also valid for 1 month (30 days).

30 GB package (Charges + Validity)

In 1600 rupees PTCL provides 30 GB. This offer is valid for 1 month (30 days).

CharJi EVO Packages 2018

CharJi EVO device has also further divided into two type devices. These devices are the same as EVO 9.3 devices. The 1st device name is CharJi Wingle. This device is USB and plug and play. Furthermore, this device directly connects with the satellite and can provide internet very quickly. And this device is able to connect Wi-Fi users simultaneously.  In conclusion, the 2nd device name is CharJi Cloud. This device works on a battery of 2,800 mAh. This device can also connect 10 Wi-Fi users at a time. The speed of these CharJi devices is very reliable and quick.


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Packages CharJi EVO (Wingle + Cloud)

10 GB Package (Charges + Validity Details)

In this package, the PTCL provides a great bundle of 10 GB at a very affordable price. PTCL charges 1000 rupees for 10 GB internet data. This offer is perfect for youth. This offer will be valid for 1 month (30 days).

20 GB Package (Monthly Package)

In this offer, PTCL will charge 1250 rupees for 20 GB data. This offer will also valid for 1 month (30 days).

25 GB Package (Monthly Package)

In this package, the user will able to use 25 GB data on just 1,500 rupees charges. This offer will also be valid for 1 month (30 days).

50 GB Package (Charges + validity)

This package will able its user to use 50 GB data for a 1 month just in 2,000 rupees.

75 GB Package (Charges + Validity)

Furthermore, In last PTCL wireless RS. 2,500 package user will be able to use 75 GB data for 1 month.

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