PTCL 6 Mbps Package 2019 – Unlimited Downloading & Free iFlix, Free Calls

PTCL customer now can enjoy free iFlix, smart TV, Free Unlimited PTCL To PTCL Calls and more with PTCL 6 Mbps Package. Today we are going to talk about PTCL 6 Mbps Package with unlimited downloading. As we know that PTCL is the one and only sole provider of internet in Pakistan. Therefore, PTCL always provides an affordable package with unlimited downloading.

With PTCL 6 Mbps Package, the customer can get unlimited PTCL to PTCL Call, free iFlix, Smart TV and more. Subscribe PTCL 6 Mbps package in just Rs. 21,00 per month across Pakistan.

The offer is named All in One Internet Mixture due to their unlimited downloads, free unlimited call, and free smart TV app.

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PTCL 6 Mbps Package Details:

  1. FREE PTCL to PTCL Calls
  2. FREE PTCL SMART TV App for Cell phones
  3. Unlimited Access to iFlix for 1 year
  4. Unlimited FREE Downloading
  5. FREE Digital Quality Smart TV Service
  6. FREE WiFi Router for Home

How to Activate PTCL 6 Mbps Package:

PTCL customers can subscribe to this 6 Mbps package in just Rs.2100 per month in Pakistan. Please dial 1218 or visit to any nearest PTCL franchise & service station.

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