Price of Motorola P50 With Releasing Date & Smart Features

Motorola is going to launch their latest and most advanced Smartphone Motorola P50with never seen features. Here we are posting Price of Motorola P50 with its releasing date and all charming features. Motorola is the first company which has launched a mobile phone in this world. Hence Motorola Technology Company is a very famous technology making company in the whole world. Today we are talking about the latest Smartphone launched by the best technology making the international company well known as Motorola.

Features Of Motorola P50

Motorola P50 is a high featured handy and lovely Smartphone which looks perfect in all type of human’s hand. This Smartphone will first go on to sale in China. Its sale will start in China then all other countries will able to buy it after a few days. Its launch will be held on July 20.

Rear Camera of Motorola P50

Dual rear camera setup which makes this Smartphone different from other ordinary smartphones.25 megapixel front camera will fill you all selfies with a real HD+ reflection. The camera makes this Smartphone charming and more advanced as compared to all other famous Smartphone present in the market.

Price of Motorola P50 in International Market

Motorola P50 will cost ($365\€320) in International Market. This Smartphone is an expensive Smartphone. But this Smartphone also have all those features which an extra-ordinary Smartphone has.

Color Scheme of Motorola P50

There are two colors in which Motorola P50 in available in markets. Blue and Bronze shades are the two shades in which you select your new Motorola P50.

RAM & Internal Storage of Motorola P50

4GB RAM makes Motorola P50 speedy and smooth to run all the apps and programs. This Smartphone have internal storage of 128GB which is enough for a user. This Smartphone also supports SD card up to 512GB. Motorola P50 has a never ending wide mass storage in a Smartphone.

A Super Battery Support

Motorola P50 has a super battery of 3,500mAh which also has the feature of advance fast charging feature.

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