How to Share Telenor Balance Code 2019 for All Prepaid Customers

Yes! It’s true, now Telenor users can share their balance by dialing just a simple code. This smart balance sharing feature is trending among Telenor SIM users as it is a new and useful feature. With this feature, a Telenor user can share his balance to another Telenor user with just a simple code dialing. This feature is very useful at the time of emergency. Telenor Smart Share Code allows its user to share their balance to their friends with just a click.

How To Share Balance From Telenor To Telenor SIM 2019

Process to share balance to Telenor user through Telenor Smart Share Code is very easy. It will consume less than one minute to complete the sharing process. There is no limit for any Telenor user as every Telenor SIM holder can easily share his balance in few clicks.

Procedure To Share Balance Through Telenor Smart Share Code

1 – Telenor Smart Share Code

Dial *1*1*92345xx*amount# you just have to replace the third number 92345 with the number you want to share your current balance with through Telenor Balance Share Code. Then you have to replace the word amount with the actual amount for exp Rs. 100 if you want to share a hundred with your friend.
Note: You must have to write your Telenor number with starting figures of 92.

2 – Confirmation of Telenor Smart Share Code

After dialing above procedure user will receive a confirmation note which is to conform by replying 1 to share balance.

3 – Useful Telenor Balance Share Code

*1*1*NUMBER*BALANCE# is the balance sharing code. Through this code Telenor user can share its balance with other Telenor SIM holder.

4 – Tax Charges On Balance Share

Telenor user will be charge Rs. 5.7 by sharing balance through Telenor Smart Share Code.

 5 – Telenor Postpaid Users

Telenor postpaid users cannot share balance through there postpaid account. This code work only prepaid numbers.

6 – Amount Sharing Limit

There is an amount sharing limit in Telenor Smart Share Code. You can only share Rs. 15 to Rs. 200 through Telenor Smart sharing.

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