Get exciting info & Price about Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 2018

Samsung is a well known Smartphone manufacturing and distributing company at international level. This company launches always new Smartphone having different and various new specifications compared to old versions. Hence Samsung users always wait for the launch of the new Samsung Smartphone’s because of their new features and functions.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

In Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 64 GB many functions have been introducing. This Smartphone will come with faster speed due to maximum RAM and faster most advance and latest version processor. There is also the maximum capacity of this Smartphone to store a large amount of data.

Display with Large Size Screen

Samsung Smartphone’s are famous for their large screen. Hence this tradition is also followed by Samsung Company in this Smartphone and the screen of this Smartphone is of 5.5 inches which is best for gamers and internet users. This display is excellent for gamers who like to play online or offline games or to watch videos on the internet or offline. This Smartphone also has full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 Pixels.

Operating System of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 64 GB

As you know the new Smartphone comes with new and advanced technology. That’s why Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 64 GB also comes with Latest Android Version 7.1.1 Nougat. This Android operating system version is very popular these days. This operating system provides a base for a faster and reliable speed of this Smartphone.


Galaxy J7 Pro 64GB has 3GB of RAM with new technology has been built-in. RAM not only supports Smartphone to handle so many apps and media at a time but it also increases the performance of Smartphone. The processor of Smartphone also supports the performance of Smartphone hence there is latest and advanced version of the processor is used in the Smartphone which is mention below:


Latest processor 1.6 GHz, Octa Core Cortex-A53 including 3 GB of RAM is perfect to provide the best performance to the user. Hence this Smartphone is best for the customers.

Built-in Storage

Every Smartphone must have the maximum amount of built-in storage. Now Smartphone users use what’s app, Facebook and internet hence downloading of data become at large scale. Hence internal storage of Smartphone must be good otherwise Smartphone will never able to get attraction among people. This Smartphone has 64GB internal storage.


Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro  64 GB have both 13 MP cameras on front and back.


Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 64GB comes with the powerful battery of 3600 mAh.  This battery enables this Smartphone to give the talk time of 24 hours.


In Pakistan, this Smartphone is available in Rs 39,999/-

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