FBR Decreases Mobile Phone Tax Duty Charges

FBR has announced PTA charges on every imported Smartphone. But this tax duty was quite additional with other unknown charges and it badly affected the imports of Pakistan. PTA has charged Rs. 45,000 custom duty on Rs. 3,000 Smartphones. This tax nearly stopped the imports of Pakistan which is a great loss. Hence now PTA has announced new tax list in which FBR Decreases Mobile Phone Tax to increases Pakistan’s imports.

New Text Duty Charges Detail 2019

FBR was charging tax almost 15 times of the price of a Smartphone. This heavy FBR and PTA charges is not affordable for any Smartphone importer. Because if a Smartphone importer orders a Smartphone from abroad then its original price is expensive due to the higher rate of Dollar in Pakistan. Pakistani currency is decreasing in international markets which are causing the increasing value of Dollars. Hence imported Smartphone is coming to Pakistan at a high price and these tax prices have made them impossible to import for a Smartphone importer.

On 1st July 2019 due to the alarming decrease in imports of Smartphone, FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) has announced Decreases in Mobile Phone Tax duty charges. We have posted the picture of the detail of new tax duty charges on commercial and baggage (individual) imports.

First, we have to know about commercial and baggage imports before reading new tax list of Smartphone.

  • Commercial Imports
  • Baggage (Individual) Imports

In commercial imports, a person imports Smartphone from abroad to sale in his country to earn the profit. This is a very common import and many people are getting revenue from commercial import in Pakistan.
In baggage (Individual) a common person orders a Smartphone with the help of his friends or relatives who are coming from abroad and they carry his new Smartphone with their luggage.

As FBR Decreases Mobile Phone Tax so we have posted detailed information of taxes below.

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