Affordable Fiberlink Internet Packages With High Speed 2019

Fiberlink is a reliable and most speedy broadband service which is providing affordable speedy internet packages. In Pakistan the majority is youth. Hence in Pakistan use of latest technology is increasing. Now the internet is a basic need of all Pakistani youth member. Many international broadband service providers are providing internet all over Pakistan in which Stromfiber, Fiberlink, and PTCL are at the top. These are providing the most speedy internet all over Pakistan. The difference between these internet providers is just of internet packages rates. Therefore we have posted all about Fiberlink Internet Packages in this post.

Fiberlink Internet Packages Details 2019-2020

Downloading, live streaming and browsing are the main factors which are very important for a common internet user. Without fast speed, there will be no fun using the internet. PTCL is always on top in the matter of speed. It is also present in all the big and small cities of Pakistan. But as you know everything always must have a weak point which makes it a little bit sick. PTCL is a little bit expensive as compared to other broadband service providers. And there fix expensive packages are not affordable for those who want unlimited downloading with a fast speed streaming and browsing.

In Pakistan 3G/45 and now even 5G has been launched recently by which a user can get a very high-speed internet browsing and streaming. But there is a big issue of downloading files in maximum numbers as they provide limited data in high data charges rates.

Benefits of Fiberlink

High-speed internet provider Fiberlink is present in Pakistan. Its high speed and affordable packages make it much attractive for those who want speedy internet. With same speed of downloading and uploading a file Fiberlink provides high-speed internet of 400 Mbps. Both internet providers have equal speed and for the high speed their users are increasing day by days. In major cities of Pakistan internet users are willing to take Stromfire, Fiberlink and PTCL internet connections.

It is very difficult to have a Fiberlink connection after online or on phone orders. Fiberlink connection is very time taking process that’s why people don’t take much interest in it. Minimum a Fiberlink connection takes up to a whole month for installation. Fiberlink Internet Packages start from 16 Mbps to 500 Mbps. This huge range of speedy internet is amazing.

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Fiberlink Affordable Internet Packages 2019

Internet speed of 16 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 250 Mbps and 500 Mbps are available by Fiberlink are affordable price rates of following charges. Here is the detail price list of internet packages according to their internet speed.

16 Mbps Fiberlink Package

Fiberlink provides 16 Mbps internet uploading and downloading speed in just PKR 1,500 only. The best think about Fiberlink is this that its speed becomes double 32 Mbps after (2:30 am to 9:00 am). Installation charges are PKR 7,000 on 16 Mbps connection.

25 Mbps Fiberlink Package

Fiberlink is providing 25 Mbps internet connection in just PKR 2,000. This speed becomes double to 50 Mbps at (2:30 am to 9:00 am) at night. Installation charges are PKR 7,000 on 25 Mbps connection.

50 Mbps Package

Fiberlink is providing 50 Mbps and double 100 Mbps at night (2:30 am to 9:00 am) in just PKR 2,500. Installation charges are PKR 7,000 on 50 Mbps connection.

100 Mbps Package

Fiberlink is providing 100 Mbps and double 200 Mbps at night (2:30 am to 9:00 am) in just PKR 4,000. Installation charges are PKR 7,000 on 100 Mbps connection.

250 Mbps Package

250 Mbps internet connection is available by Fiberlink in just PKR 4,200. This 250 Mbps doubles into 500 Mbps from 2:30 am to 9:00 am at night. Installation charges are PKR 7,000 on 250 Mbps connection.

500 Mbps Package

500 Mbps internet connection is available in PKR 4,800 by Fiberlink. This speed also doubles into 1000 Mbps at night between (2:30 am to 9:00 am). Installation charges are PKR 7,000 on 500 Mbps connection.

How to get a Fiberlink internet package?

People who wish to place their order for Fiberlink can call on this number on UAN: 111-456-123 and can place there order on Fiberlink official website. There is a particular coverage area of Fiberlink in which they can provide their connection. If you want to enjoy same downloading and uploading speed with a double at night then you have to first check it out that you are in the coverage area or out of its range. All of this information you can get on Fiberlink official website.

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